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Friday, December 31, 2010

My AG Stuff that I Got on Christmas

As you can see, I got another pair of Ruthie's shoes, a shirt and headband that Chrissa is wearing, a wristlit for me, and the old Just Like You outfit that Ruthie is wearing.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The snow is finally melting! It is supposed to get to as much as 49 degrees this week! I just had to say this.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An AG Magazine and Poll Results

I turned out that I didn't take a doll with me to my Grandmother's house. The poll was a tie anyway. Thank you to the four people who love my blog even through the slight change of theme. Now that brings me to the poll about who will own Chrissa's blog. The same poll was on Chrissa's blog. The poll results were that I should own the blog. That, however, destroys the point of the blog. The point of the blog is for one doll to write about her adventures at Hogwarts. I do not attend Hogwarts as they do and cannot write for them. Instead, Chrissa will pass her blog onto Ms. Ruth Piper Smithens.

Some of you might have heard that Simply AG Magazine is closing down temporarily. I was disappointed when I saw it. I decided then that I would have my own AG magazine. I started it yesterday and I am sending out an eight (I don't have a lot to put in there yet) page magazine right now.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Today and Tuesday

I got to play the piano for pre-worship service in church today! Pre-worship service is, as you probably guessed, the time before the service. Ms. Angela usually plays while everybody is talking but today she let me do it. I played Carol of the Bells and O Holy Night because those were the ones I had memorized. We are going out of town to see my grandmother Tuesday. I will be able to post again on Thursday. Chrissa has a poll on her blog and would love you to participate in it (to find her blog go to my link list tab). I hope you all have participated in my latest poll and have answered honestly. I will be putting a new poll up of which doll to take with me to visit my grandmother. There will be a very short deadline on that one so make sure you vote on it quickly.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Last Night, Early This Morning, and The Rest of Today

Emily and I stayed up till 2:45 this morning watching Star Wars two and three (you can read the reviews). The movies together were a little over two hours. We had so much fun watching them. I got the AG book Doll School at Michaels today. I spent hours getting things ready for school for my dolls. I cleaned my closet where they could have their school room in there. I highly recommend the book. You may need to copy some things if you have more than one doll.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Alert, Alert, Upcoming, Upcoming!

Bible quizzing is going to start soon. If you have read and my old blog for a long time you would know what Bible quizzing is. I do have new readers however and I will explain it to you. We have Awana at our church on Wednesday nights. If you get past your fourth discovery by January you can go to Bible quizzing. Bible quizzing is where you review the first half of you book and you go to a church and quiz on it with other kids from different churches. I have done it for three years and LOVE it. We will start it after Christmas break. You are supposed to have partners when you quiz. Because I am the only one that I know of in book four I will have to have a partner from a different church. There aren't many people who get to book four so I will be quizzing against less people which gives me a larger chance of winning. Unless I have a partner though, I will not have a chance at winning. My sister didn't have a partner last year and Mama got to quiz with her so that she would have a partner. There are two sections of the quiz. There is the paddle test and written test. The paddle test is a test that you do in front of everyone. It is multiple choice. You have to lift up the paddle with the correct letter on it. The written test is a test in a different room that is just like a regular test in school. I can't wait!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

the Phantom Menace is a Good Movie

I watched Star Wars 1: the Phantom Menace today. It is definitely the best one out of the four I have seen. We are also borrowing the second and third which I hope to watch soon. I don't want to ruin the movie for those who haven't seen it, but there are some things I have to say about it. I will be doing a movie review on it today. This is also my 70th post!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

An Odd Post

Have you ever wanted to know something but the easiest way to find out was on your computer? That happens all the time to me. It happens at least once an hour when I'm awake. Yesterday I wanted to know somethings but my computer wasn't working right. I looked in encyclopedias and almanacs but couldn't find what I wanted. Just so you know, I wanted to find out when Star Wars II: the Attack of the Clones came out so I could find something else out. Anyway, I couldn't find it. I finally decided to get on Mama's computer which helped a lot. I have used my calculator so much these two days (I have been calculating people's ages). I also found out how to work Mama's computer. This has been an odd post but thank you for taking you time to read it and all my other posts.

Monday, December 13, 2010


I am going to take this post to say thank you to all of my followers. I was very happy when I saw "25 followers" on my blog this morning. Here is a list of my followers.


Caelen Nouth

Hannah Wright

hannahd (my other account)

Noel Dear

Amy Nelson 1

Donna Dear



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Simply AG magazine

Azalea Shanghai (did you know that you can follow your own blog)



the Crazy Doll Lady

Donna Dear (she had two different accounts)




Thank you to all my wonderful followers, commenters, readers, and poll participaters.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Post Without a Name

I am having to force myself to post. I think there is something wrong with that phrase. It is Sunday and Grammy is here. My parents are out of town and Grammy doesn't want to drive in the snow. Did I say SNOW? YES! There is snow outside and my sister and I have been playing in it. We were going to make a snowman, but we don't know how to exactly (plus the snow isn't sticky enough). Guess what? I found the book cover for the new girl of the year 2011. She is a Hawaiian girl named Kanani. I wonder what she will look like as a doll. Why hasn't American Girl told anyone about her yet? I think I knew about Lanie by now last year. I thought I should say that you can get free shipping on Lanie currently. I am at a pressing moment. WHAT AM I GOING TO GIVE MY DOLLS FOR CHRISTMAS?! Okay, I am exaggerating majorly. I am considering having a Christmas church service for my dolls. If you have looked at the poll results you should notice that Princess Leia won (Emily was upset that Anakin didn't win).

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Story Contest

Corsicapeace is having a story contest. I immediately wanted to enter (I will put the story on here). I haven't actually started, but I have the title and characters planned out (I am going to lay out the story on my wall). The story will be called Read 4 Ever. It is called that because the main characters' last name is Read (sometimes spelled Reed). Here is the list of characters.

Mara Trinity Read

Kyanna Blaine Read

Harmonie Raine Read

Iona Amethyst Brown

Aila Gianna Blizzard

Sage-Lin Noella Yang

Reena Avery Yang

Mara, Kyanna, and Harmonie are all sisters and Sage-Lin and Reena are Chinese twins (my life is literally turning Chinese). We get extra credit if we use unusual names and if we use the following words: pugnatious, ostentatious, scowl, wince, futile, jollification, or metamorph. We have a limit of three typed pages or five written pages. This is going to be a fun contest.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Kit's Birthday and Other Things

It's Kit's birthday! Tomorrow is her surprise party. Chrissa, Ruthie, Emily, Molly, Gwen, Kirsten, and Jess will all be coming to her surprise party tomorrow. Chrissa will be putting pictures on her blog of the party so make sure to check out those. For those who don't know, Chrissa and Ruthie and my dolls, Emily, Molly, and Gwen and my sister Emily's dolls, and Kirsten and Jess are Crazybear38 and Corsicapeace's dolls. Crazybear38 might be bringing some food for the surprise party and I will be making some out of our Model Magic from science. Chrissa finally did post on her blog today so make sure to check out her latest post. Kit and possibly Ruthie or Chrissa (or both!) will be coming with me to our capital city today (will not say where we live). I would take pictures but considering that my camera is dead even with new batteries (I've had it since we moved to this state) I can't. Most of the pictures you see are taken with my mom's camera and my webcam. You may have noticed that my new pen name is Azalea Shanghai. Thankyou to all seven people who voted. This is my sixty-fifth post! Well, I've got to take a shower and start on school. Bye!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

What Is Going On

Kit's birthday is coming up (December 3). I will have a party for her on the fourth which is a Saturday. I just forgot to make her a present! I'll try to come up with something. I got a study Bible yesterday. I really like it. It has lots of charts and maps in it (and if you know me REALLY well you would know that I love maps, charts, and graphs). We also saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 last night. It was 2 1/2 hours! I will do a movie review on it.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Harry Potter and Star Wars Combined

I just watched these movies on YouTube. They are really funny!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Book and Movie Reviews

You might have noticed that I have a new page that I write book and movie reviews on. I will write them, but I want you to as well. I will need your email address though. I do have some of yours and some of you have your email addresses on your blogs. If I don't know or can't find your email address then you won't be able to write a review. I don't want you to be saying your email addresses on a comment. The way you write your review is for you to email it to me after I email you about it. I will then type it up in my page for reviews. There are some things that you need to include in your review.

1. your own personal opinion

2. favorite part

3. least favorite part

4. favorite character

5. violence

6. language (good? bad?)

7. romance (probably the worst part of Harry Potter and Star Wars)

8. anything else

There are some people that I will request write reviews.

1. Meghan

2. Corsicapeace

3. crazybear38?

If anybody else would like to sign up just comment and tell me.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Knights of the Square Table and Camolittle

I just got home from Corsicapeace's house. We made a club called The Knights of the Square Table. We also pretend like we are from Camolittle. We were all knighted different things. Emily was knighted Sir Ron the Arachnophobe (someone who is afraid of spiders), Corsicapeace was knighted Sir Draco the Daring, Crazybear38 was knighted Lady Hermione the Smart, and I was knighted Lady Ginny the Quick-witted. We were all knighted according to our parts in our Harry Potter plays except me. I have to play Harry Potter and I didn't want to be knight Sir Harry the Brave so Corsicapeace changed it. We are all girls but Emily and Corsicapeace play boys in the play. We were going to have a leader but instead we all have equal roles. Besides, a square has four equal sides and since there are four members (unless you count our 2 pages) we all have equal roles. Corsicapeace wrote a pledge which we take. She will be emailing it to me and I will probably memorize it. We do have Excalibur also. It also serves purpose as the Sword of Gryffindor. Our weapons that we have for the club are stick wands (which are useless), lightsabers, fake pistols, a fake shotgun, a fake laser whip, and a basilisk (a snake that will kill you if you look into its eyes but also fake). We don't have the best defence system or organization (I'm working on that) ,but we have lots of fun. Not only do we say our pledge but we say the different house descriptions from Harry Potter. I have had to memorize the Ravenclaw one.

Or in wise old Ravenclaw

if you've a ready mind

where those of wit and learning

will always find their kind.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Force Lightning

This is a journal entry for school that I just finished. It took forever and is the longest composition I have written since my book report on Island of the Blue Dolphins (sad, good, and terrible book).

Force Lightning

I have recently become interested with force lightning. I found out about it while watching Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi. When Corsicapeace (had to take out her name for this post) and I started writing Star wars plays we knew we wanted to include it. Unfortunately, a couple of months ago we had written ten plays with some containing force lightning. I was researching force lightning and found out that we had a problem. Our plays that we had worked on half the summer were inaccurate! I did some revising of the ones that we hadn't acted out and everything is okay now. I am not writing this to tell you about how I had to revise plays but to teach you about force lightning.

Force lightning is a force ability. It is also known as sith lightning as it was most often used by members of the sith. It sends electricity through someone's body using your hand or fingertips. The more skilled you were with it, the more the bolts would branch out. The more it branched out, the more people you could target. You are unable to dodge force lightning, but powerful Jedi could block it with their lightsabers. Yoda was able to absorb and redirect force lightning using his hands. One short bolt could result in unconsciousness for the victim or death. There are short and long term effects to the user and victim. It deforms the victim and can lead to brain damage, blindness, or being crippled for life. Humans will usually have small seizures all over their body due to a drop in blood minerals. You could avoid some long term effects with complete bed rest and proper treatment. As for the user, it could drain their energy, deform them, and possibly burn holes in their hand. People on the light side could learn to use force lightning if they wanted to. Most Jedi Councils didn't allow it however. There are many different variations of force lightning.

There are a couple of things that you might not have understood if you have seen Star Wars VI. First of all, if force lightning can kill quickly then how come Luke Skywalker didn't die after a short amount of time of being hit with it by Emperor Palpatine? The reason was that Luke was the last of the Jedi and the emperor decided to slowly kill him to watch the last of the Jedi suffer (there is something wrong with the emperor). Also, how come Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker dies? When Anakin (this act made him become his old self again) was throwing the emperor down the reactor chasm some of the force lightning hit him. Because of that his breathing circuit was messed up and he died.

I hope you enjoyed learning about force lightning.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

At Cafe Claire

Ruthie: Hello everyone. My name is Ruthie and I will be your server today.

Kit: Aren't you always our server, Ruthie?

Ruthie: Yes, but that is beside the point. Now you made me forget my speech!

Chrissa: You've been to plenty of restaurants before. What do they usually say?

Ruthie: Thank you Chrissa. Let me start again. Hello everyone. My name is Ruthie and I will be your server today. May I start you off with some drinks?

Kit: What if we said no?

Chrissa: Kit!

Kit: Okay, okay, I would like some Lemonade.

Ruthie: We don't have any.

Kit: Then I'll have some milk.

Ruthie: We don't have any of that either.

Kit: Then what DO you have?

Ruthie: Water.

Kit: Is that all?

Ruthie: Yes.

Kit: Then why did you ask us what we wanted?

Ruthie: I didn't ask you what you wanted to drink. I asked you if you would like to start off with drinks.

Chrissa: That will be fine. Just bring out two waters.

Ruthie: Two waters coming right up.

-five minutes later-

Ruthie: Here are your waters.

Chrissa: Thank you, Ruthie.

Ruthie: Would you like an appetiser or are you ready to order your main course?

Chrissa: We are ready to order our main course. I'll have the classic bistro burger. I want just meat, lettuce, and cheese on it.

Kit: I would like the tic-tac-toe pizza. Don't give me the whole pizza this time.

Ruthie: Then how much pizza do you want?

Kit: Just one-fourth of the pizza.

Ruthie: Your meal will be coming soon.

-ten minutes later-

Ruthie: Here is your food. Enjoy!

-Ruthie leaves-

Kit: They have enlarged the pizza since we were last here. This is as big as the whole pizza I got last time.

Chrissa: You sure do have a lot of pizza. Maybe next time you should get the classic bistro burger like me.

Kit: Well, I guess I'll just eat on it for a couple of days.

Chrissa: Just remember to save room for dessert!

-after the meal-

Ruthie: Would you like some dessert.

Kit: You know we would.

Chrissa: We would each like a double dark chocolate cookie.

Ruthie: Will do!

-five minutes later-

Ruthie: Here are your cookies and your bill. Thank you for eating at Cafe Claire.


Today is the day of our homestudy for the adoption. In case you don't know, we are adopting a girl from China. She will be around the ages of 4-7. We hope to get her in the summer. The homestudy is where a lady is going to come and do a safety inspection (we have been cleaning for days) and interview us. This is an important part in the adoption. I think we are all nervous.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Our Pass It On Book

This is something that nobody (except me and Corsicapeace) has seen. It is the first chapter in our pass it on book. What is a pass it on book? Well, Corsicapeace wrote the chapter you are going to read and then I wrote the next. We will continue on like that until we decide that it is done. You must know that this is a book that has combined Corsicapeace and I (we changed our names) and Star Wars. The character like me is Skylar Holly_____ and the character like Corsicapeace is Arie Adrian _____. We don't really like to invent as Skylar and Arie do but everything else is pretty much like ourselves. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: The Two Inventor Girls

Hey! Who says boys are better at inventing then girls?! I'll tell you one thing. Arie and Skylar were better inventors then most professionally trained inventors let alone boys their age. And now, these two complete opposite friends were fixing to invent their biggest invention yet. A ship that would take them to the farthest reaches of the galaxy and... Well, let me start from the beginning.

Arie and Skylar had been friends for as long as they could remember, as long as their parents could remember, as long as anyone in the whole neighborhood could remember. They were great companions but yet total opposites. Skylar had long, solid, flowing brown-blond hair; Arie had solid medium grown hair cut to her chin with lots of layers. Skylar was graceful and elegant; Arie was reckless, wild, and randomly crazy. Skylar was an excellent dancer and very flexible; Arie was more into running and playing large games with lots of kids then fancy dancing. Despite their differences, they both loved reading, writing, inventing, and Star Wars which often inspired their inventions. They were planning to visit a Star Wars planet, that is, if they could decide which one.

"Did you check the hyperdrive yet?" asked Skylar. "I'm working on it!" came a muffled yell from under the massive rocket. There was loud clanking noise and the next moment Arie emerged happily. "She's ready to go, captain," she said with a mocking grin. "Oh, be quiet!" said Skylar. "You know as well as I do that your gonna be the one driving this thing," she declared. "I'm going to navigate," she beamed proudly. "Yeah, you better because I can't handle all those fragile little instruments," Arie answered. "THAT'S because you don't have the patience," stated Skylar matter-of-factly. "You're no one to talk," said Arie. "Fine, but at least I have more patience then you," said Skylar in a slightly whiny voice. "Oh, who cares?! Come one, let's rock this hunk of metal!" They boarded the ship and blasted off... to somewhere.

How did you like it? I might release some more of the chapters on another day. You never know, I might release one of our Star Wars plays one day. I do know one thing for sure. Corsicapeace and I can't stop writing different pieces of literature. Whether it is plays, books, or poetry we will continue writing.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Research Paper

I have to write a research paper for grammar and composition. I can't come up with a subject. I asked mama if I could do Star Wars but she said no. I have to figure it out very soon. They say to have a topic that interests you so I considered that. I considered doing my paper about an American Girl time period but I changed my mind. I'm considering doing apologetics. Mama suggested the Holocaust. She got that idea from what my reading is currently. I am reading Corrie ten Boom (she isn't Jewish actually) who lived during the Holocaust. It is a great book but very sad. Anyway, I don't really want to write about the Holocaust. If I was to write about something that I enjoy I could write about cardboard boxes. I love them! They are great for building things (lightsaber, boat, plane...). They also do say to pick a topic that will be helpful and interest my audience. I don't thing learning about cardboard boxes would be interesting and it would be hard to find things to learn about them. As you can see, I need some ideas.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sortive New Name

If you have looked at the page Meet My Dolls lately then you might notice something different. I decided to change Chrissa's name to Christina but everyone will still call her Chrissa. Ruthie and Kit have nicknames so why shouldn't Chrissa? I also found out how to spell Margaret so the spelling of Kit's actual name is different. My sister, Emily, changed her doll, Emily's, name. Her name is now Emma Lee. It is still pronounce the same way but her real name is Emma not Emily. My sister also made her doll, Gwen's, real name Samantha. Gwen's full name is now Samantha Gwen Thompson. She still calls her Gwen but her real name is Samantha. I did find out that Chrissa is the abbreviation of Christine but I like the name Christina better than Christine. Christina, Chrissa, and Christine all mean follower of Christ, Ruth/Ruthie means companion, friend, and vision of beauty, and Margaret means pearl.

Friday, October 29, 2010

an Update

I know that this blog has taken a turn since it was first started. It was designed to talk about American Girl dolls and now talks about all sorts of stuff. I haven't really done much with my dolls lately. Don't worry, I still like my dolls and haven't grown out of them. I do need ideas for what to play with them.

Halloween isn't till Sunday but trick or treating happened Thursday. I handed out silly bands with Emily. We still dressed up but it got really cold so we put on coats. I was Princess Leia when she is at Cloud City in episode 5 (the Empire Strikes Back). Emily was a monkey human which is not very helpful for my apologetics argument on discovery news (I'm against evolution).

The apologetics argument is going alright. I am now doing it on two different post on discovery news. I finally got the question that I possibly considered ending up with. "How old are you really?" I had already told them that I was a kid but never my real age. I simply told them that I was not allowed to share my age over the computer and that I was younger than a teenager. I wonder how they will respond to that.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Frog Dissection

Emily and I are studying aquatic creatures for science this year (we use Apologia science which is from a Christian perspective). I have finished reading about aquatic herps which includes sea turtles, sea snakes, and frogs. We are not in high school but in the book they still say to dissect a frog. Mama said that we didn't have to. However, she sent me a link to a virtual frog dissection. It is mainly just watching a video but it was gross. I don't want to get to high school. I might make my dolls do it for school but it will be a fake frog.

Picture Contest Answers

Nobody I asked got them right. My sister guessed that Ruthie was Violet Baudelaire, Chrissa was Luke Skywalker, and that Kit was Meg March. Meghan guessed that Kit was Meg March but couldn't figure out the rest. Well, Emily and Meghan almost got Kit's costume right.

Ruthie: Diana Barry from Anne of Green Gables

Chrissa: me

Kit: Amy March from Little Women

In case you are wondering about Chrissa's quote that I said, I say it mostly to Emily. I found out what diplomatic meant (dealing with sensitive matters) when I needed to find out what it meant for a quiz (not for school).

Diana Barry says the quote when she comes to say good bye to Anne. It was hard to find a good quote that she said. One problem with Ruthie's costume was that Ruthie has brown black hair and not raven black like Diana.

Amy and Meg are both similar in Little Women so it is no wonder that Emily and Meghan thought that Kit was Meg. Of course Meg didn't have blond hair while Amy did. Amy said the quote in the first chapter while Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy are sitting around the fire talking about their problems with not having any presents for Christmas.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What I'm Thinking and Doing

Hi everyone! I wanted to just say what is going on right now. I have been commenting on Discovery News. I have recently come across something that said that they found the oldest thing since the big bang or something like that. I decided to tell everyone that God created the earth and since then it has been interesting. People have been commenting and telling me that I'm wrong. A few of them were mean. I get over it, but continue to comment. We need to pray for those people. Tomorrow we are going to the Stow center to serve at the soup kitchen. I have to go to bed.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Picture Contest

"It took me an hour of begging to get her to let me come down and say good-bye for ten minutes."

"Be diplomatic for once in your life!"

"I don't think it's fair for some girls to have lots of pretty things, and other girls nothing at all."

I got this idea from Sammy (hope you don't mind me copying). I have taken pictures of my dolls in costumes. They could be dressed as anyone. YOU have to guess who they are dressed as. They each have a quote that the person they are dressed as has said. Just comment on who you think each one is dressed as.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just In Case...

You may have noticed that I changed my name and picture. I have just made a new display name. It is still Hannah! My friend, Meghan, decided to make her display name Amidala (as in Padme Amidala) and make a picture of Padme her picture. I decided that I would do the same with my favorite character from Star Wars, Leia. So I made this post just in case you didn't understand why I had a new name and picture.

Monday, October 11, 2010

New Things from Michaels

I went to Michaels recently and got some stuff for my dolls. They have clothes that fit 18 inch dolls so I got one outfit and glasses. The outfit is a purple argyle shirt and jean skirt. The glasses are yellow with black spots on them. The outfit is so pretty on Ruthie and Kit now has glasses. I also got a doll stand. I got it for way cheaper than the AG one. I have been wanting one for stop motion videos. In case you are wondering, here is the picture of Kit with glasses. I will be changing her picture in the Meet My Dolls page. I like the 18 inch doll clothes because they are way cheaper than the AG clothes. The only complaint I have is that the shirt is very hard to put on.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Apologetics Part 1

Hello everyone and I am doing this post to show you how we can know that the Bible is true.

First of all, I will clear up the fact of proof. YOU CANNOT PROVE ANYTHING. Have I made myself clear? Probably not. Let me use an illustration. Let's say that your mom has made you supper. Do you know if the food has poison in it or not? Of course you don't! You do have evidence though. You have eaten your mom's food before and you haven't died. Your family isn't dead after they have taken a bite. But you still don't know if your mom put poison in just your food. You could take your food to a science lab. They could run tests on it and a week and a lot of money later they might tell you that your food does not have poison in it. Still, you would have to take the scientist's word for it. They could show you the evidence, but you STILL would have to trust the evidence. We do not live by proof.

We do not live by faith either. If you live by faith you would believe all kinds of crazy things.

You may wonder what we do live by. We live by evidence through faith. That means that we use evidence to determine things but finish it off with faith. Now that we have cleared that up we will move onto other things.

Let us talk about the big bang theory. First of all, the big bang theory is just a THEORY. You can't believe theories. Now according to the big bang theory, there was nothing. Then a ball of gasses exploded and became everything. Do you realize that if you believe in the big bang theory that you believe that there was nothing and then there was everything? And what caused the ball of gasses to explode? Do you know how much precision there is in the galaxy? If the earth were just a tiny bit closer to the sun it would burn up and if the earth were a tiny bit farther away from the sun that earth would be way to cold. If there was no Jupiter the earth would be pummeled with meoteors because Jupiter blocks them from earth. Those are just the ones that I remember. There are so many more things that show the precision of the earth. With all this precision, can you really believe that everything came from a ball of gas? Or do you think that it is possible that there could be someone who uniquely designed everything.

When a lion kills an animal is it sinning? Of course not! The lion is doing what it does naturally. That is the lions way of life. Now when we steal from someone are we sinning? YES. For the lion, there is no right or wrong. For us, there is a right and wrong. If there is a right and wrong then who established it? There must be someone above us who set the standards, someone who is perfect. That must mean that there IS a god. If there isn't a god then there is NO right or wrong. If there is no right or wrong, then we are just more mature, evolved animals.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Painting Pumpkins

I just finished painting a pumpkin. I will show pictures of it later. It was really fun. I was going to paint Princess Leia from Star Wars but we didn't have any brown for her hair till Emily invented some. Half of the pumpkin is white with blue, green, and red light sabers on it. The other half is another story. I tried painting Yoda but Emily said that he looked like a green Desperoux (The Tale of Desperoux) without a tail. I didn't mind that comment but it still didn't work out. I also tried painting the words "A Jedi's strength flows from the force" but it didn't work either. I ended up painting Darth Maul/the Sith. Emily is painting a doughnut.

Hairstyles For Dolls

Sorry, I misspelled the title of the video!

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Suprising Fact

Did you know that you can use the dance skirt from the 2 in 1 ballet outfit as a poncho? It's true! I took some jeans, shoes that match everything (I love them!), a pink leotard, and the ballet skirt and put them on Ruthie. I used the pink leotard as a shirt and the ballet skirt for a poncho. This is my new favorite outfit. If you are wondering about the hairstyle on Ruthie to, it is two flip twists with her hair curled with my fingers. I think she looks SO pretty right now.

Redecorated Doll Room

I have redone my doll's room AGAIN. I will say that they still have their reading loft. This is not the redone room that you will see if you look at my doll Chrissa's blog. I have redone it again. Kit has a room to herself on top of my shelf. This means that she is over five feet up in the air. Ruthie and Chrissa share a room under my desk. Instead of having their own study areas they all share a study area. They also have a storage area. They love their new room

Monday, September 27, 2010

Who am I?

Who has a kind heart but gets angry too easily?

Who doesn't smile a lot but smiles when she doesn't mean to?

Who is quiet but talks too fast?

Who is sometimes shy but outgoing?

Who dances with teenagers but isn't one herself?

Who is imaginative but doesn't like word pictures?

Who is friends with an opposite and twin?

It is Hannah: the daughter of God.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's.... Braid Day!

Finally Braid Day is here! If you have signed up to braid a section on the left side of your doll's head, don't forget about it. At some point today you must tell me that you did it by commenting on this post. We have 10 people signed up! I might consider turning this into a monthly or annual thing.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Braid Day is Tomorrow

Braid Day is tomorrow. In case you don't know what Braid Day is, it is a holiday that I made up. On September 25 you will braid a section on the left side of your doll's head. You can sign up by just commenting on this or my other Braid Day post. At some point you have to comment and tell me that you did braid your doll's hair. If you have ten dolls you don't have to braid all of there hair. You can do it on as many dolls as you like, but it has to be at least one.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Do Hard Things

Hi everyone! I am reading a book right now called Do Hard Things. I am reading it for my youth group. It is mainly a book for teenagers (though I'm not one). It is all about rebelling against the low expectations of the world and doing hard things. I would suggest this book to anyone one ages from ten to ten billion. Now, don't start thinking that this book was written by a fifty year old pastor. The book is a book for teens by teens.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I got 15 followers!

I did get 15 followers. You might remember me saying that I would give an award to my 15th follower, but that is not possible since I can't figure out her email address. I will give the award to the next person who follows that I can find the email address of.

New Blog

My doll, Chrissa, just got a blog: (it's on my link list). Please follow, comment, and read that blog regularly. Please, don't forget about Braid Day. Please sign up for it.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Braiding- It's a Doll Thing

Calling all braiders and french braiders! I am going to have a braid day on September 25th. I want you to sign up and on that day you will braid or french braid a left section of at least one of your doll's hair. Sound crazy? Maybe, but it will be fun to see how many people sign up. If you can't braid you can ask one of your friends or your mom to do it for you. If you and your friends all did it, but you are the only one who can comment, you can comment on behalf of your friends. I would like proof that you did it. On September 25th you have to comment and say that you did braid a left section of your doll's hair. So sign up by commenting on this post and tell all of your friends about September 25th. If enough people sign up I might make this an annual thing or maybe even monthly. Now, sign up and learn to braid.

Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. I am afraid of fireworks
2. I like to play catch with a football
3. I like to speak Spanish
4. I don't like to diagram sentences
5. I do pointe (ballet on my toes)
6. I love to write Star Wars plays
7. I want to go to Harvard University and become a lawyer
8. I love health
9. I do robotics
10. I play the flute
11. I will start playing steel drums in two weeks
12. I am originally from Alabama
13. I do not like big, crazy, loud crowds
14. I think I am skipping a level in ballet
15. I can go all the way down into the splits on my right leg
16. I LOVE wikipedia (helpful for Star Wars)
17. I mainly only listen to Star Wars and Wicked music
18. My favorite Adventures in Odyssey episode is V. B. S. Blues (because of a Star Wars part in there)
19. I wear the same head band everyday
20. I have read the whole Bible
21. I knit, french knit, and crochet
22. I get mad when people get crocheting mixed up with knitting
23. I won a Reading Rainbow contest in third grade and was on radio and tv (radio is so much fun)
24. I'm not even a teenager and I've already been in a wreck
25. I don't want a cellphone (why do I need one?)
26. I took gymnastics till I was eight
27. I did Upwards (basketball) till I was ten
28. I've done ballet since I was three
29. I went deep sea fishing and got sea sick (terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
30. we are adopting a girl from China
31. I have to leave right now!

Too High Prices and Renaissance

American Girl is going way over on prices! I buy my outfits less than one of theirs. I think that if American Girl would lower their prices they might get more people to buy their items. They have to pay around five dollars for every doll that they make. If so, they are making a huge profit. Lowering the prices might not give them as much of a profit, but they could have more buyers. If they would cut down the prices by half, I would buy things from there a lot more. Half of the current price is much more reasonable and more people will be able to afford them.

I do have another issue with American Girl. I have been studying the Renaissance time period in history. In the Renaissance people started noticing their talents and started using them. They produced great things, but started worshiping themselves instead of God who created them. I was on and looked at the poster book. It showed a preview of inside and one of the posters said "Celebrate you!" Are we going back to the Renaissance? We are not supposed to worship ourselves!

I do like the American Girl products a lot. I just do not agree with them on some things.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Unrelated Subject

I know this is completely off of the subject of this blog, but I need some advice. My friend (who will remain anonymous) and I have been writing Star Wars plays half the summer. These are somewhat related to the movies, but are more age appropriate. We also do more than 6 episodes. We are working on Star Wars 15 right now. My friend and I need ideas for this new Star Wars. We want it to be really long. We have done lots of things in our plays and we need new ideas. We do all of these plays either in my friend's basement or my living room. We also have a limit of people. For this episode we will include the following: Luke Skywalker (actually played by a girl), Leia (switched to Skywalker so not a princess anymore), Hana Solo (girl version of Han Solo), Persephone Kana (Darth Vader already died so we needed a new character), storm troopers (only two), and ewoks (at the most five and at the least three). We have at the most eight actors and at the least 7. I would appreciate it if you would give me some ideas.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Last night we went to see a play called Wicked (not on Broadway). It was so neat. The Wizard of Oz book and movie will never be the same to me again. There was a cool special effect at the end of the first half when they are singing Defying Gravity. You can find the songs on iTunes. I did dress Kit up as Galinda (Glinda) at school. I made it into a new award that I will be giving away.

Monday, August 16, 2010


I would like to do either show and tell or a modeling competition. The modeling competition would be just for me and my sister's dolls because I don't have enough people reading my blog. A show and tell might be a little easier though. If you have a problem with me doing any of these things tell me.

Back to School Pictures

I took my dolls back to school pictures today. If you have any ideas for what to do in school this year with my dolls, feel free to comment.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Not My Sister

There is something on my sidebar that says Pray for Emily. That Emily is not my sister. I just wanted to make this clear. My dolls and I have been talking about my younger sister Emily. The Emily that you need to pray for has cancer and my sister never gets sick. I hope you understand and Pray for Emily.

a Website Closing Down is closing down! There is still some hope though. She will continue to post on the blog if she has 40 people comment on her post about it. Currently she only has 15. If you don't know, Dolls 'n' Wool is a place to learn how to make stuff for your dolls. The deadline to comment is September 1st. If you comment and tell her you can comment on this post with your blog address and I will send you an award. Please, please, please comment to tell her to keep posting new things.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stop Motion

Does anyone know how to do a stop motion video? I took the pictures ,but don't know how to do the video. I am not sure how it will turn out. I like how I did some unusual things in it. So could you help me?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Camp and Misc. Stuff

I want my dolls to go to camp. There are so many things that I want to do with them. The problem is that I don't have the stuff to do it. Mine will mostly have to where skirts at camp I think. I don't have many pants or shorts. What will I do for a tent and sleeping bags. As you can see, I need some ideas. I don't want to spend money. If it requires sewing I might be able to do it just nothing to hard.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Science Fair -by Ruthie

I have wonderful news! Hannah is doing a science fair for us. This will be a great opportunity to show everyone how much I love science. I need some suggestions though. Nothing too hard or too big. This project will be displayed on a regular sized piece of paper. Kit and Chrissa also can't think of anything. Chrissa will come up with something. She is always researching and reading. So do you have any ideas?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Parents Came Back from New York!

Hello everyone. My name is Ruthie. Hannah's parents went to New York and went to the American Girl Place. I am here to show you what they brought back.

The Girl's Guide to Staying Home Alone and a Girl's guide to the internet (not shown)
An outfit for Licorice.

A special New York only shirt that looks great on Kit.

New Style and a New Goal

How do you like this new style for my blog? I have tabs now which include my dolls and links to different blogs. I now have 6 followers. I am setting a goal for 15! If you come on this blog follow it please! The 15th follower will be rewarded by a special award. Whatever you do don't wait till there are 14 followers then follow. Go ahead. I might give you an award anyway.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Star Wars Fun!

Yesterday I did a video with me and my sister's dolls. We did Star Wars 6. It was way different though. As you can see in this picture I only show my three dolls. Ruthie played Luke Skywalker, Kit played Darth Vader, and Chrissa played Princess Leia. Here are the parts my sister's dolls played: Emily played Han Solo, Molly played the Emperor, and Gwen played

Obi-Wan Kenobi. I didn't have a real light saber and I was not going to make one out of paper so as you can see I used crochet hooks. You might wonder why I made Kit Darth Vader when she had the shortest hair and could play Luke Skywalker and why Ruthie didn't play Princess Leia when she had the longest hair. Well Kit has blond hair and Luke has brown hair so I gave her a part that would cover up her hair. I made Chrissa Princess Leia because I wanted too. I did film it ,but the video is 44 minutes long (I thought it wouldn't be more than 15).

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Winners for the Award

I know this is quick since I only made the award this morning ,but I picked some American girl sites that I like. If I didn't pick you I might find you and give it to you then. Now time for the moment of truth. The five winners of the award are....

Congratulations to our winners. I will email you your award.

Chrissa's first post

Hello! I wanted to tell you about me and Ruthie's new bed. It is a bunk bed as you would know if you had read Hannah's last post. I have the bottom and Ruthie has the top (You would know that to). It was made out of American girl doll boxes. I have to admit I was scared when Hannah first put it together and when I had to go to sleep I was scared Ruthie would fall on me (she didn't). You can watch videos on YouTube about how to do it.

A Tour Through My Dolls' Room

I took some pictures with my webcam of my closet where my dolls live. Kit is eating some cake on her bed, Chrissa is standing beside the bunk bed I made, and Ruthie is up on her part of the bunk bed sleeping. Chrissa has the bottom bunk and Ruthie has the top bunk. Sorry about how blurry the pictures are.

Award Giveaway

I am giving out this award I made to five people. Tell me about your blog and you might get it!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Acro Class with Chrissa and Kit

Today I did a class with Chrissa and Kit. I don't know what type of dancing it was called. It had acro in it along with well I guess it was acro. We had lots of fun. They did the dance to Me and My Shadow (the power of two) which my sister Emily danced to in her tap class this year and one top super line which I won't go into right now.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ruthie's decision about ballet class

I like ballet a lot. I do like jazz a lot more though. Kit likes lyrical and acro. Chrissa likes ballet and acro.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The dread of dancing by Ruthie

Hannah, after watching youtube videos has decided to make us do ballet. She does ballet after all. Chrissa loves gymnastics and ballet and I'm sure Kit will enjoy it ,but I'm not the graceful type person. We will post about our experience.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ruthie's first post

Hi! I'm Ruthie (as you know). I am here to tell about stuff that I have been doing. I want to tell you about what happened last night.You see, Hannah and her family had a gift card and went to a fancy restaurant and then they went to see Toy Story 3. Now Hannah doesn't like to carry stuff around so she left me in the car besides it wasn't a very cold or hot night. You would think that I would have been upset and bored in the car ,but actually I wasn't. Hannah's sister Emily had left a webkinz in the car named Bean. Bean is a very small make-believe creature called a google. So as I had no one else to talk to I introduced my self to the small creature. Bean and I had lots of fun. You would wonder how we could have fun in a small car. Well Hannah had brought along some crocheting stuff. She had four things of yarn that were all balled up so Bean and I played with the yarn. After about and hour and a half of playing with yarn I balled the yarn back up and we both took a nap. After a couple of hours being left in the car Hannah and her family came back and took me home. When we got home I was put into pajamas and taken up onto Hannah's loft bed with a small unicorn webkinz and fell asleep.

New things

I decided to put something on my blog that some other blogs have. I will tell you all about my dolls and sometimes they will post articles. Have fun!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I don't know what to do when playing with my dolls all the time. Do you have any ideas? Please comment if you have an idea.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lanie's Backyard Photo contest

Have you heard about Lanie's backyard photo contest? Every year they come up with a contest for the new girl of the year and this year it is a photo contest. There will be five grand prize winners who will receive Lanie's whole collection and twenty first prize winners who will receive Lanie and her books. These are the things you can choose from. Remember. Pick five.

for almost everyone: bird, seed or pinecone, spider or spiderweb, bud on a tree branch, something that looks like a letter of the alphabet.

If you live where it snows: detail of a snowflake, animal tracks in the snow, interesting icicle, tree with no leaves, plant peeking through the snow.

If you live by the beach: interesting sand pattern, seashell, kelp or seaweed, driftwood on the shore, creature in a shell.

If you live in the desert: rock or sand pattern, interesting rock or rock formation, prickly cactus, plant growing on a rock, colorful sunset.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My dolls and their stuff

The dolls that I have are Kit, Ruthie, and Chrissa. I hope to put pictures of them on my blog soon. When they sleep Kit has Kit's bed and bedding and Ruthie and Chrissa sleep on the boxes the came in. My sister and I bought a bunk bed (not the American girl bunk bed), but it is in the basement. I have a whole bin of clothes for them. some of my favorite outfits are the following: tunic & jeans, Chrissa's snow outfit, and the 2 in 1 ballet outfit. I have two pieces of American girl furniture. Kit's bed and the American girl piano. Some things with the American girl piano. It is impossible to sit your doll on the bench and you should be careful when you open the top. If you know how to sew it is pretty easy to see bed covers for your doll.


Hi! My name Hannah and I'm eleven years old. I have one younger sister named Emily. I have one other blog which is . I actually like school! I guess it is because it is so easy. I am actually a homeschooler which means that I do school at home instead of at a school. I sometimes listen to Christa and Mia's girl doll talk podcast. This blog is all about American girl dolls. I will tell you more about them in my next post.