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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sortive New Name

If you have looked at the page Meet My Dolls lately then you might notice something different. I decided to change Chrissa's name to Christina but everyone will still call her Chrissa. Ruthie and Kit have nicknames so why shouldn't Chrissa? I also found out how to spell Margaret so the spelling of Kit's actual name is different. My sister, Emily, changed her doll, Emily's, name. Her name is now Emma Lee. It is still pronounce the same way but her real name is Emma not Emily. My sister also made her doll, Gwen's, real name Samantha. Gwen's full name is now Samantha Gwen Thompson. She still calls her Gwen but her real name is Samantha. I did find out that Chrissa is the abbreviation of Christine but I like the name Christina better than Christine. Christina, Chrissa, and Christine all mean follower of Christ, Ruth/Ruthie means companion, friend, and vision of beauty, and Margaret means pearl.

Friday, October 29, 2010

an Update

I know that this blog has taken a turn since it was first started. It was designed to talk about American Girl dolls and now talks about all sorts of stuff. I haven't really done much with my dolls lately. Don't worry, I still like my dolls and haven't grown out of them. I do need ideas for what to play with them.

Halloween isn't till Sunday but trick or treating happened Thursday. I handed out silly bands with Emily. We still dressed up but it got really cold so we put on coats. I was Princess Leia when she is at Cloud City in episode 5 (the Empire Strikes Back). Emily was a monkey human which is not very helpful for my apologetics argument on discovery news (I'm against evolution).

The apologetics argument is going alright. I am now doing it on two different post on discovery news. I finally got the question that I possibly considered ending up with. "How old are you really?" I had already told them that I was a kid but never my real age. I simply told them that I was not allowed to share my age over the computer and that I was younger than a teenager. I wonder how they will respond to that.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Frog Dissection

Emily and I are studying aquatic creatures for science this year (we use Apologia science which is from a Christian perspective). I have finished reading about aquatic herps which includes sea turtles, sea snakes, and frogs. We are not in high school but in the book they still say to dissect a frog. Mama said that we didn't have to. However, she sent me a link to a virtual frog dissection. It is mainly just watching a video but it was gross. I don't want to get to high school. I might make my dolls do it for school but it will be a fake frog.

Picture Contest Answers

Nobody I asked got them right. My sister guessed that Ruthie was Violet Baudelaire, Chrissa was Luke Skywalker, and that Kit was Meg March. Meghan guessed that Kit was Meg March but couldn't figure out the rest. Well, Emily and Meghan almost got Kit's costume right.

Ruthie: Diana Barry from Anne of Green Gables

Chrissa: me

Kit: Amy March from Little Women

In case you are wondering about Chrissa's quote that I said, I say it mostly to Emily. I found out what diplomatic meant (dealing with sensitive matters) when I needed to find out what it meant for a quiz (not for school).

Diana Barry says the quote when she comes to say good bye to Anne. It was hard to find a good quote that she said. One problem with Ruthie's costume was that Ruthie has brown black hair and not raven black like Diana.

Amy and Meg are both similar in Little Women so it is no wonder that Emily and Meghan thought that Kit was Meg. Of course Meg didn't have blond hair while Amy did. Amy said the quote in the first chapter while Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy are sitting around the fire talking about their problems with not having any presents for Christmas.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What I'm Thinking and Doing

Hi everyone! I wanted to just say what is going on right now. I have been commenting on Discovery News. I have recently come across something that said that they found the oldest thing since the big bang or something like that. I decided to tell everyone that God created the earth and since then it has been interesting. People have been commenting and telling me that I'm wrong. A few of them were mean. I get over it, but continue to comment. We need to pray for those people. Tomorrow we are going to the Stow center to serve at the soup kitchen. I have to go to bed.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Picture Contest

"It took me an hour of begging to get her to let me come down and say good-bye for ten minutes."

"Be diplomatic for once in your life!"

"I don't think it's fair for some girls to have lots of pretty things, and other girls nothing at all."

I got this idea from Sammy (hope you don't mind me copying). I have taken pictures of my dolls in costumes. They could be dressed as anyone. YOU have to guess who they are dressed as. They each have a quote that the person they are dressed as has said. Just comment on who you think each one is dressed as.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just In Case...

You may have noticed that I changed my name and picture. I have just made a new display name. It is still Hannah! My friend, Meghan, decided to make her display name Amidala (as in Padme Amidala) and make a picture of Padme her picture. I decided that I would do the same with my favorite character from Star Wars, Leia. So I made this post just in case you didn't understand why I had a new name and picture.

Monday, October 11, 2010

New Things from Michaels

I went to Michaels recently and got some stuff for my dolls. They have clothes that fit 18 inch dolls so I got one outfit and glasses. The outfit is a purple argyle shirt and jean skirt. The glasses are yellow with black spots on them. The outfit is so pretty on Ruthie and Kit now has glasses. I also got a doll stand. I got it for way cheaper than the AG one. I have been wanting one for stop motion videos. In case you are wondering, here is the picture of Kit with glasses. I will be changing her picture in the Meet My Dolls page. I like the 18 inch doll clothes because they are way cheaper than the AG clothes. The only complaint I have is that the shirt is very hard to put on.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Apologetics Part 1

Hello everyone and I am doing this post to show you how we can know that the Bible is true.

First of all, I will clear up the fact of proof. YOU CANNOT PROVE ANYTHING. Have I made myself clear? Probably not. Let me use an illustration. Let's say that your mom has made you supper. Do you know if the food has poison in it or not? Of course you don't! You do have evidence though. You have eaten your mom's food before and you haven't died. Your family isn't dead after they have taken a bite. But you still don't know if your mom put poison in just your food. You could take your food to a science lab. They could run tests on it and a week and a lot of money later they might tell you that your food does not have poison in it. Still, you would have to take the scientist's word for it. They could show you the evidence, but you STILL would have to trust the evidence. We do not live by proof.

We do not live by faith either. If you live by faith you would believe all kinds of crazy things.

You may wonder what we do live by. We live by evidence through faith. That means that we use evidence to determine things but finish it off with faith. Now that we have cleared that up we will move onto other things.

Let us talk about the big bang theory. First of all, the big bang theory is just a THEORY. You can't believe theories. Now according to the big bang theory, there was nothing. Then a ball of gasses exploded and became everything. Do you realize that if you believe in the big bang theory that you believe that there was nothing and then there was everything? And what caused the ball of gasses to explode? Do you know how much precision there is in the galaxy? If the earth were just a tiny bit closer to the sun it would burn up and if the earth were a tiny bit farther away from the sun that earth would be way to cold. If there was no Jupiter the earth would be pummeled with meoteors because Jupiter blocks them from earth. Those are just the ones that I remember. There are so many more things that show the precision of the earth. With all this precision, can you really believe that everything came from a ball of gas? Or do you think that it is possible that there could be someone who uniquely designed everything.

When a lion kills an animal is it sinning? Of course not! The lion is doing what it does naturally. That is the lions way of life. Now when we steal from someone are we sinning? YES. For the lion, there is no right or wrong. For us, there is a right and wrong. If there is a right and wrong then who established it? There must be someone above us who set the standards, someone who is perfect. That must mean that there IS a god. If there isn't a god then there is NO right or wrong. If there is no right or wrong, then we are just more mature, evolved animals.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Painting Pumpkins

I just finished painting a pumpkin. I will show pictures of it later. It was really fun. I was going to paint Princess Leia from Star Wars but we didn't have any brown for her hair till Emily invented some. Half of the pumpkin is white with blue, green, and red light sabers on it. The other half is another story. I tried painting Yoda but Emily said that he looked like a green Desperoux (The Tale of Desperoux) without a tail. I didn't mind that comment but it still didn't work out. I also tried painting the words "A Jedi's strength flows from the force" but it didn't work either. I ended up painting Darth Maul/the Sith. Emily is painting a doughnut.

Hairstyles For Dolls

Sorry, I misspelled the title of the video!

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Suprising Fact

Did you know that you can use the dance skirt from the 2 in 1 ballet outfit as a poncho? It's true! I took some jeans, shoes that match everything (I love them!), a pink leotard, and the ballet skirt and put them on Ruthie. I used the pink leotard as a shirt and the ballet skirt for a poncho. This is my new favorite outfit. If you are wondering about the hairstyle on Ruthie to, it is two flip twists with her hair curled with my fingers. I think she looks SO pretty right now.

Redecorated Doll Room

I have redone my doll's room AGAIN. I will say that they still have their reading loft. This is not the redone room that you will see if you look at my doll Chrissa's blog. I have redone it again. Kit has a room to herself on top of my shelf. This means that she is over five feet up in the air. Ruthie and Chrissa share a room under my desk. Instead of having their own study areas they all share a study area. They also have a storage area. They love their new room