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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ruthie's first post

Hi! I'm Ruthie (as you know). I am here to tell about stuff that I have been doing. I want to tell you about what happened last night.You see, Hannah and her family had a gift card and went to a fancy restaurant and then they went to see Toy Story 3. Now Hannah doesn't like to carry stuff around so she left me in the car besides it wasn't a very cold or hot night. You would think that I would have been upset and bored in the car ,but actually I wasn't. Hannah's sister Emily had left a webkinz in the car named Bean. Bean is a very small make-believe creature called a google. So as I had no one else to talk to I introduced my self to the small creature. Bean and I had lots of fun. You would wonder how we could have fun in a small car. Well Hannah had brought along some crocheting stuff. She had four things of yarn that were all balled up so Bean and I played with the yarn. After about and hour and a half of playing with yarn I balled the yarn back up and we both took a nap. After a couple of hours being left in the car Hannah and her family came back and took me home. When we got home I was put into pajamas and taken up onto Hannah's loft bed with a small unicorn webkinz and fell asleep.

New things

I decided to put something on my blog that some other blogs have. I will tell you all about my dolls and sometimes they will post articles. Have fun!