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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things to Say

Well, today I have many things to tell you.

1. I got eliminated from Gabby's photo contest

2. I got my prizes from Francesca's contest

3. I am getting my last baby tooth pulled tomorrow

4. AWANA is over

Please enter my contest. I posted about it a few post below.

My sister would also like you to enter her photo contest at .

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Post with No Name

Hi everybody! Sorry I haven't been posting much. I have been having to use my sister's computer and I can't get on often. I will say that there is a chance that the May issue of Awesome Dolls Magazine will be coming out late.

I stayed up really late last night. Why? We had the Secret Church. What is that? The Secret Church is an event that takes place twice a year in a church in Alabama. It isn't really secret but we meet at night like they do in secret churches in China, India, Russia etc.. This year they decided to simulcast it to homes and churches all over the world. There were people gathered in Greece and India even (of course it was day time there). The people from our church were there from 7:00 pm till 1:00 am. It was amazing even though the speaker started crying 5 minutes into it (he was very passionate).

My sister really wants her computer back. I won't be able to post often because she never wants me on but I will try.

Please enter Emily's photo contest at .

Please enter my photo contest which is a few posts below. I need 7 more people to enter.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dance Competition

Emily's dance competition was today. She did really well on her tap solo. Her tap class is tomorrow. When awards came I could feel my heart beating like crazy. She got first place (there is some sort of award system but the dancers aren't competing against each other really; all I will say is that first place is not the highest or lowest score). She also got what is called Kar Kids. It is where you get invited to New York to have classes with some professionals or something like that. Unfortunately it is extremely expensive and we won't be able to go. only about 10 people got it. The worst part about dance competition is that you have to sit there and watch endless other dancers who you don't know. The production numbers can be pretty good but once you see a few of them you are bored of them. They did have some pretty good conservative jazz dancers which I was glad of. Well that is the first day. We still have one more to go. (we actually have to miss church for tomorrow!)

Entry for Gabby's Photo Contest

She's such a tree hugger! Look at the sentimental way she looks while she hugs the tree.

Ruthie appreciates the grass very much.
"Don't you dare hurt this tree!"

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Photo Contest

I am going to have a photo contest. I need 10 people to enter.

Here is what you will do:

1. pick 1 doll (you will be using this doll for every round so choose wisely)

2. take a picture the coexists with the theme

3. comment on a post with the link to the post that has your entry on it

you will need:

1. 1 doll

2. a blog or website

This contest will have 5 rounds and each one will have a theme. I will be judging (along with my sister who is not eligible) on creativity, quality, and coexistence to the theme.

First place will receive: a personalized blog header and blog award

Second place will receive: a personalized blog award

As soon as I get 10 people to enter my contest (enter by commenting on this post, if you don't want to enter don't comment on this post) I will give out the first theme.

I will eliminate 2 people after every round.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Write Always

Here is the web address to the writing website. Meghan, I still need you to email me stories to put on your part.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Random Post? When Will They Stop?

Hi everybody! I know I haven't been posting much. It is raining where I am at this time. April showers definitely brings May flowers here. It is going to be hard to do the second round for Gabby's photo contest without going outside. It sounds like it is picking up. I usually love rain and storms but this is too much. I got caught in a rainstorm on the way to the other side of our neighborhood last week. It turned out that the people who's house I was going to weren't home. When I got back home the storm sirens went off. I won't ride my bike in weather that looks like rain is coming. I am doing a school project where I write my own commentary on the book of James (in the Bible). It is going to be pretty long. I just started today. I filled out 6 or 7 note cards on the first 1 1/2 pages of a James MacArthur book about the book of James. My dishcloth business isn't going great. I am making them pretty quickly but they are hard to sell. I have made $25 so far and will make $50 more when I sell the ten I have made. I sell them for $5 dollars if you haven't guessed yet. I hand knit them all the time now. I try selling them around my neighborhood but only 1 person bought one (our very nice next door neighbors) and two people will buy one eventually. I make more money selling them to my mom's piano students. I put 10% of the money I get into the offering (for tithe) and 20% goes to my fundraiser for church youth camp. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 is coming out on DVD for people in the USA (the UK got it last week). I am very excited. You can read my review on it on the page on movie reviews on here. Ruthie is posting again everyone. She did her very last Harry Potter story Sunday. She is going to move onto her life. There just wasn't enough to write about Harry Potter. I know this was a long post about random things but that is a habit of mine.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Won My First Photo Contest!

Francesca from The Girls of Crestview Lane had a photo contest and I won (after Paige-An American Girl couldn't claim her prize). I would like to say thank you to Francesca for awarding me pratically second place. This is the first photo contest I have won and I am very excited. The picture below is the picture that she chose.


Sorry I haven't been on lately. I had to do my last post on my sister's computer because mine had viruses. That also had to be a really quick post because it was bedtime. I only have one more section left in my Awana book and it is really easy. I also got an award last night (at Awana) for having a good attitude about getting a "pie" in my face. Let me explain. We have pie in the face night every year at Awana (we all look forward to it). We all bring in change to vote for our favorite leader. Whoever has the most change gets a pie in the face. For the TNT (Truth and Training) girls that leader was Ms. Andrea. Then Ms. Cheryl draws a name for who will get to put the "pie" (it is really just whipped cream) in the leaders face. Ms. Cheryl drew my name and I was very excited. Unfortunately, Ms. Cheryl announced that the leaders had a meeting before and decided to switch the order. The kids were going to get the "pie" in the face and the leaders were going to give it to them. For those people who know me personally, you know that I am the type of person who does not like getting dirty and always tries to have nice manners. I was really upset at first but had to do it. Thankfully, Ms. Andrea did it very nicely (only on my face and barely in my hair). The worst part was the embarrassment. I have to admit, in the end it was fun. I definitely had to wash my face that night because I could smell the whipped cream on me (gross!). So I was awarded for having a good attitude about it in the end.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2 Entry for Gabby's Photo Contest

Her beautiful hair Her winter coat her hat tipped over 1 eye Here is my entry for the photo contest that Gabby is having. I took these pictures on my doll, Ruthie.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Website

I have started a new website. It is for stories and books. I have asked Corsica Peace and Meghan to write on it as well. I am still waiting on Corsica Peace to get permission and for Meghan to respond (please do if you are reading this post). When I have at least one of them writing I will give you the web address. It is not a blog; I made it on weebly.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Poll Results and Magazine

I have seen that all of my wonderful readers would like me to keep with blogger. I would like to thank all 29 people who voted (yes, even the person who voted to delete my blog). I have never had that many people vote on a poll. I will be keeping with blogger for the time being. How did everyone like my April issue of Awesome Dolls Magazine? I hope you liked it. If you haven't subscribed yet you can go to to subscribe.