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Hello everyone! This is a section of my blog where people can write reviews on movies. I will do a post on my blog about how you can do that. Unfortunately, I will have to know your email address and I don't want anybody to be saying theirs in a comment. If I know or can easily find out your email address you will be able to write a review. I will also write my own reviews. You have to do it on a book or movie that you have seen recently. You can't do it on a movie that you saw once upon a time or a year ago.


A movie review on Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi by Hannah Claire _____

Personal opinion: I really liked this movie. I have seen it four times and memorized several scenes from it.

favorite character: Princess Leia

favorite part: where everyone is celebrating at Endor at the end (I just about cry at that part though)

least favorite part: where the emperor is hitting Luke with force lightning (I like studying it but not watching it being used on someone)

language: now that I think about it, less than most movies 

violence: where do I even start? it is a violent movie

romance: WAY to much romance, okay, not too bad but it ruins it

other: their is one inappropriate costume and someone's hand gets cut off

movie rating: PG

age limit: 9 (just because of force lightning and romance)

rating: 4 stars  

A movie review on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 by Hannah Claire _____

personal opinion: really good but gets VERY scary in one part

favorite characters: Hermione, Luna, and Madeye Moody (ask Emily, Corsicapeace, or Crazybear38 which Harry Potter character I am most like and they will say Hermione immediately)

favorite part: when everyone comes to take Harry to the Weasley's house

least favorite part: when Harry and Hermione go to Bathilda Bagshot's house (the scariest part)

language: defiantly some

violence: a lot

romance: WAY TOO MUCH!

other: inappropriateness (I'd prefer not to repeat)

age limit: 13 (because of inappropriateness, scariness, and romance) 

movie rating: PG-13 (very understandable)

rating: 4 1/2 stars

A Movie Review on Star Wars 1: the Phantom Menace by Hannah Claire _____ (Azalea Shanghai)

personal opinion: a great movie but does get intense

favorite characters: Padme Amidala, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Anakin Skywalker

favorite part: the beginning

least favorite part: when Qui-Gon Jinn dies

language: absolutely none

violence: as with all Star Wars movies, there is definitely some

romance: none unless you count that Anakin likes Padme (they are only 9 and 14 so it isn't bad)

other: there is a war (it isn't a very violent war)

age limit: 8

movie rating: PG (due to violence)

rating: 5 stars

A Movie Review on Star Wars 2: Attack of the Clones by Azalea Shanghai (Hannah Claire ____)

personal opinion: really good, funny, a little uncomfortable

favorite characters: Mace Windu and Padme Amidala

favorite part: when Obi-Wan Kenobi is looking for a missing planet with Yoda and the jedi younglings

least favorite part: when Anakin and Padme got married

language: none

violence: definitely violent

romance: Anakin likes Padme

other: Anakin gets his arm cut off and people die

age limit: 9

movie rating: PG

rating: 4

A Movie Review on Star Wars 3: Revenge of the Sith by Azalea Shanghai

personal opinion: intense in parts but pretty good

favorite character: Yoda

favorite part:  when Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin were "rescuing" Chancellor Palpatine

least favorite part: will not repeat

language: barely

violence: TO THE EXTREME

romance: There is just the fact that Anakin and Padme are married

other: Anakin gets his arms and legs burned off, force lightning is used, Anakin's eyes turn yellow, and then there is the scene that I will not repeat

age limit: 12

movie rating: PG-13

rating: 3 1/2

A Movie Review on The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by Azalea Shanghai

personal opinion: better than the book, wonderful

favorite character: Lucy

favorite part: I don't know

language: none

violence: there is a sea serpent they fight, they naturally fight to escape from places....

romance: none mostly

other: there is slave trade

age limit: all ages

movie rating: PG

rating: 5 stars

A Movie Review on Gulliver's Travels (2010 film) by Azalea Shanghai

personal opinion: should have been rated PG-13, not the best movie I have ever seen

favorite characters: Darcie and the princess

favorite part: when they are acting out the "story of Gulliver's life"

least favorite part: when Gulliver is giving Horatio advice about telling the princess that he loves her

violence: yes but not as much as Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Chronicles of Narnia

romance: the center of the movie

language: not really

other: inappropriate, end of story

age limit: 13

movie rating: PG

rating: 2 stars

A movie review on 1776

Personal opinion: very good

Favorite Characters: Benjamin Franklin

Favorite part: When John Adams makes his remark about the word inalienable

Least favorite part: When the messenger sings

Violence: not really unless you count banging your sticks when your mad

Romance: some

language: not severe language but not mild

other: There is drinking of rum, some adult jokes, etc.

age limit: 12-13 (due to understanding it and adult parts)

movie rating: unknown but probably PG

rating: 4 stars

A movie review on How to Train Your Dragon

personal opinion: wonderful- way better than I expected

favorite character: Hiccup

favorite part: the end

least favorite part: won't mention

violence: a lot

romance: Astrid likes Hiccup and someone else likes Astrid

language: not much

other: There might be scary parts for little kids

age limit: 8

movie rating: PG

rating: 4 1/2 stars 

a movie review on Series of Unfortunate Events