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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lanie's Backyard Photo contest

Have you heard about Lanie's backyard photo contest? Every year they come up with a contest for the new girl of the year and this year it is a photo contest. There will be five grand prize winners who will receive Lanie's whole collection and twenty first prize winners who will receive Lanie and her books. These are the things you can choose from. Remember. Pick five.

for almost everyone: bird, seed or pinecone, spider or spiderweb, bud on a tree branch, something that looks like a letter of the alphabet.

If you live where it snows: detail of a snowflake, animal tracks in the snow, interesting icicle, tree with no leaves, plant peeking through the snow.

If you live by the beach: interesting sand pattern, seashell, kelp or seaweed, driftwood on the shore, creature in a shell.

If you live in the desert: rock or sand pattern, interesting rock or rock formation, prickly cactus, plant growing on a rock, colorful sunset.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My dolls and their stuff

The dolls that I have are Kit, Ruthie, and Chrissa. I hope to put pictures of them on my blog soon. When they sleep Kit has Kit's bed and bedding and Ruthie and Chrissa sleep on the boxes the came in. My sister and I bought a bunk bed (not the American girl bunk bed), but it is in the basement. I have a whole bin of clothes for them. some of my favorite outfits are the following: tunic & jeans, Chrissa's snow outfit, and the 2 in 1 ballet outfit. I have two pieces of American girl furniture. Kit's bed and the American girl piano. Some things with the American girl piano. It is impossible to sit your doll on the bench and you should be careful when you open the top. If you know how to sew it is pretty easy to see bed covers for your doll.


Hi! My name Hannah and I'm eleven years old. I have one younger sister named Emily. I have one other blog which is . I actually like school! I guess it is because it is so easy. I am actually a homeschooler which means that I do school at home instead of at a school. I sometimes listen to Christa and Mia's girl doll talk podcast. This blog is all about American girl dolls. I will tell you more about them in my next post.