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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Magazine and Book

I will be sending out my new magazine the first day of August so if you want it to be sent to you go here and subscribe.

Have any of you ever read Do Hard Things? I have read it 1 1/2 times. I'm reading it again right now. I highly recommend it. To go to the book website go here.

Monday, July 25, 2011


I just got 45 followers!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Chloe, for being my 45th follower.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


It does look like I will be continuing my magazine but with a new theme. I was surprised that not many people knew what it was though. I will try to get my magazine going again soon.

I Just Got Back

Hi everyone! I got back a few hours ago from camp. I had soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun! An old friend of mine has a blog which I would like to share with you.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Goodbye everyone! I will be leaving for youth camp in the morning and won't be back till this Saturday. I will not have any access to the computer. So long everyone!

Monday, July 11, 2011


This is a play that was originally written by Corsicapeace as ~Helena~. I asked her permission to change it (partly to add more action for Emily (my sister)) and this is what it became. I give credit to Corsicapeace for the idea and characters. I changed some parts (Corsicapeace did the rhyming parts) and the names of the characters. I hope you enjoy this tragedy.



Marie: Princess of England, sister of Raven, and friend of Alice

Alice: apple seller and friend of Marie

Raven: Princess of England, evil sister of Marie, friend of Duchess’s daughter, Madaleine

Madaleine (Mad-u-lane): duchess’s daughter and friend of Raven

Scene 1

Raven: Dear sister, to where are you headed?

Marie: To the market.

Raven: When shall you return?

Marie: five till ten

Raven: Do you promise to be back?

Marie: Here and now I swear.

Raven I will expect your knock.

Marie: I shall be off!

Scene 2

Alice: Fresh red apples! Shiny and bright! Buy one, buy one if you might! Big red apples! Buy one from me! Fresh red apples right off the tree!

Marie: Apple seller, what is your name?

Alice: Alice is my name. You are Princess Marie, hair black as a raven, long as a vine.

Marie: Alice! What a name divine. But please, Marie is fine. Let’s enjoy a snack in this fine weather.

Alice: It’s so much nicer to be together.

Scene 3

Raven: She should be here

(enter Marie)

Marie: Hello, Raven. I am back.

Raven: What did you do on a day so fair?

Marie: I met an apple seller by the name of Alice. We had a wonderful time!

Raven: An apple seller? How awful! You should stay away from her!

Marie: You cannot stand between us.

Scene 4

(Raven knocks on Madaleine’s door)

Madaleine: What is wrong, dear Raven?

Raven: Marie has befriended an apple seller!

Madaleine: I understand why you are upset. Why do you want advice from me?

Raven: Not advice, but help; to rid myself of Marie.

Madaleine: I will help you.

Scene 5

Raven: let us separate them

Madaleine: are you sure?

Raven: I have the tools, I have the funds

Madaleine: an open window, and open door

Raven: now is our chance

Madaleine: but what about the king

Raven: he knows nothing of this

Madaleine: then we must now sing

Raven: it’s now or never

Madaleine: yes, now or never

Raven: true friends join

Madaleine: to fight together

Raven: it’s now or never

Madaleine: truly now or never

Raven: yes, now or never

Raven: we will win or forever endeavor

Madaleine: it’s now or never

Raven: now or never we sing

Madaleine: we will separate them now

Raven: a promise, yes, a vow

Both: let us both go now!

Scene 6

Marie: Why is Raven angry with me? Dislike! Love! Sorrow! Intrusion! I’m in the dark eternal confusion! Loathing! Friendship! Alliance! Detest! Though you are the friend I like the best!

Alice: I have an idea to protect our friendship.

Marie: Please, what is it?

Alice: I cannot say but leave it to me.

Scene 7

Madaleine: Raven, this has gone too far!

Raven: to banish Marie from the kingdom is not too far, Madaleine!

Madaleine: What if you find out that the apple seller is kind. You do not know her! You should be happy that Marie has found a friend. You should also befriend the apple seller. Besides, if your mother and father find out they won’t take kindly to this. You’re not being kind to your sis.

Raven: Well said but I must continue.

Madaleine: You have a stubborn will, Raven. This has made you most unlike yourself.

(Enter Marie)

Marie: What is going on?

Madaleine: You will know very soon I fear.

Raven: The die is cast; the ship has sailed. The goal is set; I cannot fail.

Scene 8

Madaleine: Perhaps going to the market will keep my mind off things.

Madaleine: Hello, apple seller. What is your name?

Alice: I am Alice and who are you?

Madaleine: My name is Madaleine. May I have an apple?

Alice: Here you go. Two pence please.

(Madaleine drops after biting the apple)

Alice: Are you all right?


I have consented to an evil plan

I have left kindness in a desolate dream

The world is ending as it seems

The unkind is I

That now I see

Raven, oh-

Woe is me!

(She dies)

Scene 9

Raven: Marie!

Marie: Yes, Raven?

Raven: How could you partner with that apple seller to kill Madaleine?!

Marie: What are you talking about?

Raven: Madaleine was found dead near your friend’s apple stand with in apple in her hand.

Marie: I knew not about this.

Raven: Yes you did! Now my best friend is gone.

My heart is broken

My dear friend is gone

My joy is shattered

This ends my song

Pain now has a brand new name

My life will never be the same

I was never good to she

Madaleine! Oh-

Woe is me!

(She dies)

Scene 10

Marie: Alice!

Alice: Yes, Marie? Are you all right? Horror haunts your eyes.

Marie: You know the answer to that.

Alice: I thought that being friends would make up for the deaths of the late Raven and Madaleine…

Marie: Now I see! You traitor! You rebel! You’re deserting me! You are a spy invading this place! Falsehood lurks upon your face! A friendship withers at your call! You never answer me at downfall! I’ll wait alone to stay my fate! You grow not love but always reap! You cause the innocent to weep! Raven was right! Madaleine too! I don’t even know why I’m talking to you!

Scene 11



It is all my fault

I have caused myself great misery

I have lost my very best friend

This shall be the death of… me…

(she dies)

Scene 12

(Alice is still laying their dead)

Marie: Alice? Alice! This is my entire fault! My sister is dead, my friend is dead, my best friend is dead… am I dead?

(She screams and dies)

The end

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Polls and Tag

You may have noticed my latest polls. I have put them up to deal with a situation. I am having trouble coming up with AG stuff to write on there. The recipients of the Awesome Dolls Magazine probably notice that they haven't been receiving their magazine. I would love to keep it just AG but it would be so much easier to do just different things with a section about AG things now and then.


I have been tagged by Lilac.

1. I have been tagged several times

2. I have won two photo contest

3. I am going to camp in my backyard this Friday (hopefully)

4. I read almost 6 1/2 books in around three weeks

5. I once had a small restaurant in our kitchen (remember Madison Louise?)

6. I don't like pistachios

7. I am down on both my right and left splits (is it painful? on my left it definitely is)

I tag

1. Francesca

2. Gabby

3. Emma Wright

4. Hannah Wright

5. Caelen

6. Aili

7. Mackenzie Rae

Monday, July 4, 2011

Deep Waters

How deep was the deepest water that you have ever swam in? The answer for my sister and I would be 27 feet. When we were in Alabama we went to the lake with Nana and Papa Jim. They have a pontoon boat which Emily, me, and a bunch of family members went on. We went way out and jumped in the water. It was so much fun.

Let me list all the people who were there.

Papa Jim
Aunt Donna
Aunt Kim
Uncle Dennis

I have a bunch of cousins. I have twelve cousins to be exact. Here is the list of my cousins. I grouped the sibling groups together.





They live in three different states (four if you count me and Emily).

How deep have you swam?