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Monday, September 27, 2010

Who am I?

Who has a kind heart but gets angry too easily?

Who doesn't smile a lot but smiles when she doesn't mean to?

Who is quiet but talks too fast?

Who is sometimes shy but outgoing?

Who dances with teenagers but isn't one herself?

Who is imaginative but doesn't like word pictures?

Who is friends with an opposite and twin?

It is Hannah: the daughter of God.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's.... Braid Day!

Finally Braid Day is here! If you have signed up to braid a section on the left side of your doll's head, don't forget about it. At some point today you must tell me that you did it by commenting on this post. We have 10 people signed up! I might consider turning this into a monthly or annual thing.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Braid Day is Tomorrow

Braid Day is tomorrow. In case you don't know what Braid Day is, it is a holiday that I made up. On September 25 you will braid a section on the left side of your doll's head. You can sign up by just commenting on this or my other Braid Day post. At some point you have to comment and tell me that you did braid your doll's hair. If you have ten dolls you don't have to braid all of there hair. You can do it on as many dolls as you like, but it has to be at least one.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Do Hard Things

Hi everyone! I am reading a book right now called Do Hard Things. I am reading it for my youth group. It is mainly a book for teenagers (though I'm not one). It is all about rebelling against the low expectations of the world and doing hard things. I would suggest this book to anyone one ages from ten to ten billion. Now, don't start thinking that this book was written by a fifty year old pastor. The book is a book for teens by teens.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I got 15 followers!

I did get 15 followers. You might remember me saying that I would give an award to my 15th follower, but that is not possible since I can't figure out her email address. I will give the award to the next person who follows that I can find the email address of.

New Blog

My doll, Chrissa, just got a blog: (it's on my link list). Please follow, comment, and read that blog regularly. Please, don't forget about Braid Day. Please sign up for it.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Braiding- It's a Doll Thing

Calling all braiders and french braiders! I am going to have a braid day on September 25th. I want you to sign up and on that day you will braid or french braid a left section of at least one of your doll's hair. Sound crazy? Maybe, but it will be fun to see how many people sign up. If you can't braid you can ask one of your friends or your mom to do it for you. If you and your friends all did it, but you are the only one who can comment, you can comment on behalf of your friends. I would like proof that you did it. On September 25th you have to comment and say that you did braid a left section of your doll's hair. So sign up by commenting on this post and tell all of your friends about September 25th. If enough people sign up I might make this an annual thing or maybe even monthly. Now, sign up and learn to braid.

Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. I am afraid of fireworks
2. I like to play catch with a football
3. I like to speak Spanish
4. I don't like to diagram sentences
5. I do pointe (ballet on my toes)
6. I love to write Star Wars plays
7. I want to go to Harvard University and become a lawyer
8. I love health
9. I do robotics
10. I play the flute
11. I will start playing steel drums in two weeks
12. I am originally from Alabama
13. I do not like big, crazy, loud crowds
14. I think I am skipping a level in ballet
15. I can go all the way down into the splits on my right leg
16. I LOVE wikipedia (helpful for Star Wars)
17. I mainly only listen to Star Wars and Wicked music
18. My favorite Adventures in Odyssey episode is V. B. S. Blues (because of a Star Wars part in there)
19. I wear the same head band everyday
20. I have read the whole Bible
21. I knit, french knit, and crochet
22. I get mad when people get crocheting mixed up with knitting
23. I won a Reading Rainbow contest in third grade and was on radio and tv (radio is so much fun)
24. I'm not even a teenager and I've already been in a wreck
25. I don't want a cellphone (why do I need one?)
26. I took gymnastics till I was eight
27. I did Upwards (basketball) till I was ten
28. I've done ballet since I was three
29. I went deep sea fishing and got sea sick (terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
30. we are adopting a girl from China
31. I have to leave right now!

Too High Prices and Renaissance

American Girl is going way over on prices! I buy my outfits less than one of theirs. I think that if American Girl would lower their prices they might get more people to buy their items. They have to pay around five dollars for every doll that they make. If so, they are making a huge profit. Lowering the prices might not give them as much of a profit, but they could have more buyers. If they would cut down the prices by half, I would buy things from there a lot more. Half of the current price is much more reasonable and more people will be able to afford them.

I do have another issue with American Girl. I have been studying the Renaissance time period in history. In the Renaissance people started noticing their talents and started using them. They produced great things, but started worshiping themselves instead of God who created them. I was on and looked at the poster book. It showed a preview of inside and one of the posters said "Celebrate you!" Are we going back to the Renaissance? We are not supposed to worship ourselves!

I do like the American Girl products a lot. I just do not agree with them on some things.